Creating accessible menus-Part 2

In my previous post I covered some of the basic steps I took to make my site navigation more accessible. In the second installment I want to finish up by taking an accessible approach to both indicating the current page and making the menu responsive. read more

Creating accessible menus-Part 1

I’ve recently been tweaking my site navigation to make it a bit cleaner and more accessible. Even though my menu is super simple I wanted to share the process with you in the hopes that it might be useful to anyone looking to make their own navigation more accessible. read more

Git rebase to the rescue

The other day I found myself having serious trouble publishing a new post to my blog. I was able to solve the problem through the use of Git rebase and I thought I would share my experience in case somebody else happens to go through the same thing. read more

What I've learned about motor impairment

Accessibility is (thankfully) receiving a fair amount of attention in web development circles these days. As designers and developers we should all be seeking to create experiences that are as inclusive as possible. With that in mind I’d like to talk about designing for motor impairments, an aspect of accessibility that I think is often overlooked. read more