Github for Web Designers


Here are a few links to additional resources that can help deepen your understanding of Github and serve as a reference for you as you learn it.

Courses & Online Books

Git Essential Training - Kevin Skoglund

Deep dive into Git with step-by-step exercises

Pro Git - Scott Chacon

Online version of Scott's authoritative book on Git.

Online Articles & Tutorials

Git Tutorials - Atlassian

Clearn, concise tutorials on Git.

Designing Github for Mac - Kyle Neath

Fantastic article about the design decisions made when creating the Mac Github Client. Offers insight into how the client works and perceived workflows.

Aha! Moments When Learning Git - Kalid Azad

Great article that focuses on the concepts important to fully understanding Git.

References & Cheatsheets

Github help

Github Glossary

Official Git reference

Quick Git reference

Git Cheatsheet