Below are some resources that I found extremely helpful in learning and maximizing Jekyll as a blogging platform. I highly recommend bookmarking these resources and using them frequently as you learn Jekyll.


Official site
Jekyll home page. Features help, documentation, and news about Jekyll.
Jekyll Bootstrap
Blogging scaffolding for Jekyll sites. Integrates Bootstrap and other frameworks into default Jekyll builds.
Jekyll Github Repo
Jekyll source files
Alphabetizing Jekyll Tags
Great article on organizing and sorting tags for archive pages by Michael Lanyon. I used his approach for this blog.
How to Create Data-Driven Navigation
Blog post by Dale Tournemille on creating dynamic menus in Jekyll through the use of a data file.
Jekyll Dynamic Menus
A dynamically generated hierarchical menu in jekyll by Jonathan Vollebregt. Works without plugins so is Github safe.
Creating Dynamic Menus in Jekyll
Article by ThinkShout on using URLs to generate intellegent dynamic menus.


Daring Fireball
Markdown syntax reference written by John Gruber, creator of Markdown.
Kramdown Quick Reference
Quick reference guide for Kramdown, Jekyll’s current default Markdown rendering engine. Features code examples and description of common formatting tasks.


Project homepage
Home page for the Liquid templating language. Contains downloads, documentations, and links to external resources.
Liquid for Designers
Shopify reference targeted at designers, with an emphasis on explaining language components and syntax.
Shopify Theme Guides
Although largely focused on Shopify, provides a nice syntax reference for Liquid.

YAML home page. Links to specifications, related projects, and news. Although fairly technical, specifications provide a nice syntax resource.


Github Pages Gem
Part of the Gihub repository. Allows you to track the latest versions of Jekyll components within Github so that you can stay current if using Github for deployment.


Git integrated FTP client. Good for integrating Git source control into a FTP-based deployment.
Git Deployment
Article by Nicolas Gallagher outlining a deployment strategy for static sites using Git. Although technical, it’s one of the clearest examples I’ve found on the subject.
Github Pages
Official site and documentation. Contains a section on Jekyll integration and deployment.